Introhive and InterAction integration demonstration webinar

We all know that regardless of how good your CRM is, if no one uses it (outside the marketing team!), the data within in becomes out of date very quickly, so we would really like to show you how you can dramatically improve the quality of your data to get the highest return on your CRM investment with Introhive.

Introhive tackles the challenge of end-user engagement head on by almost eliminating the effort required by end-users to contribute information into the CRM system. And what’s more it syncs with your existing CRM system – including InterAction, to automatically update client and contact records and to pull in data from a broad set of internal and external data sources (such as emails, calendars and social networks).

Join us for a webinar on the 23 May, at 10am, to see how by implementing Introhive, fully integrated into InterAction, your firm can really put relationships at the heart of your business development activity.

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