Tikit Webinar: Introducing Red Sift’s OnDMARC

Tikit partners with Red Sift to supply award winning cyber security product OnDMARC to complement existing Mimecast offering.

Date: 24th July 2018

Time: 12.30pm BST


Hosted by Simon Elven, Commercial and Marketing Director at Tikit and Rois Ni Thuama, Head of Cyber Security Governance at Red Sift.

Did you know 91% of phishing attacks start with email?

Email impersonation continues to be one of the most effective attack vectors. By impersonating a respected firm’s email identity cybercriminals are able to trick recipients into handing over money, data or clicking on infected attachments or links.

To help our customers stop such attacks we’re delighted to announce Tikit and Red Sift have partnered to offer OnDMARC to legal and professional firms. Built on an AI cyber security platform, OnDMARC makes the implementation of DMARC protection clear and simple so firms can easily protect their domains against impersonation.

Join us to learn more about:

  •  The email threat landscape for the modern law firm
  •  How Mimecast and OnDMARC work together to stop email phishing attacks
  • Why DMARC is essential if your firm wants to continue to do business with government banking and insurance clients
  • Why you need to act today to secure your email domain

TUESDAY 24th JULY at 12.30pm BST. Click here to register.