DocSolid Postmark Webinar

Did you know that 70% of the paper circulating within a law firm is already in iManage? Most of this paper is then put straight into the physical matter file, causing it to balloon out of control.

Yes, 70% of the paper in a law firm is actually in iManage! It’s already stored, so why does it get stored again as paper?

There are many reasons people give for printing documents, but mainly they just like working with paper. The dream of the paperless office, promised for so long, has proved to be illusory. Working with paper, however, is not really the issue, the problem comes when the person has finished using it. In most cases, users take the safe option and put it in the physical matter file – after all, there’s no risk in that!

While firms complain about their relentless paper storage problem, the truth is that they are actually inflicting a large amount of that pain on themselves.

What if there was a simple way of knowing that a printed document was already in iManage? What if there was a way of being sure that there was no risk in shredding the document in your hands? Then the ‘risk-free’ action would be to shred rather than to store. The result would be a significantly reduced paper file and if this is repeated across the firm the benefits could be huge.

Luckily, there is a simple solution! Join us for a webinar on 14th June to find out more about the revolutionary PostMark software from DocSolid. Be certain that the paper you hold in your hand is in iManage and shred rather than store it.
Reduce the cost of your storage, reduce the cost of work associated with the management of paper records and reduce the risk you run from having paper copies of documents lying around.

Webinar 14th June – 14:00 pm – 14:45 pm   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER