Breakfast seminar in Copenhagen: Driving digital transformation with PwC

The objective of business transformation is to align people, processes and technology with strategy, purpose and vision.  But what does this mean in the context of augmenting business development and sales activity?

As part of its own extensive transformation journey, PwC is evolving how it engages with its clients throughout the customer journey.  The result is a better, more personal experience for their clients, with technology driving efficiency and relevance.  This is part of their Intelligent Digital approach – which balances business understanding, with technology innovation and human insight – to ensure that they deliver outstanding outcomes enabled through technology.

PwC has changed the way they work, to help them solve the needs of their clients collaboratively whilst building trust and rapport.  This is what differentiates them from the competition and enables them to deliver greater value more effectively; and in turn is driving business development, sales and marketing activity.

It is in this context that PwC and Introhive invite businesses from cross-industries, to attend a seminar on digital transformation strategies and how PwC has transformed the art of B2B selling. The speakers will draw upon key business development transformation strategies and share their own experiences in bringing about effective change.  The presenters will also explain how to plan, perform and bring about effective change in both large and small enterprises. The role that innovative technology can play to bring all this together will also be covered.

This event will provide useful insights to those who are already on, or about to embark on, their own digital transformation journey.


Tuesday, April 30th, 2019


Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Copenhagen, Hammerichsgade 1, Copenhagen V, DK-1611, Denmark


8.00am –   Registration with tea and coffee

8.30am –   Presentations

9.30am –   Introhive overview

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