Training and implementation

Training end-users and fee-earners to know, love and get the most out of your new software is the final piece of the jigsaw of a successful project, and arguably the most important.  It gives staff knowledge and confidence to resolve their own problems, reduces downtime and preserves compliance with your IT policies around management of cases and documents.

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Consultancy Services

Experience in consulting spanning more than two decades Tikit’s expertise lie in our ability to leverage our vast wealth of knowledge and experience in managing IT projects in firms from conception to completion. Thousands of successful implementations Drawing on thousands of successful implementations across firms globally means we can assess each client’s needs, applying best…

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Training Services

The Tikit IT training team have a combined 20 years’ experience of IT Training in banking, insurance, accountancy, management consultancy and law firms. Tailored training to meet all your needs Maintaining an internal IT Training team can be costly, involving a lot of downtime when highly skilled individuals are not performing their primary role, i.e.…

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