Document sharing

Law firms create a lot of documents and teams across the world often need to work together. Documents also need to be shared with clients and other external parties. HighQ Collaborate allows you to compare and share large and sensitive documents quickly and safely, regardless of jurisdiction.


Why HighQ Collaborate?

Document sharing and collaboration is a critical element to effective working. It sounds like a very simple thing to achieve, but all too often when you have a number of people working on one document things can become very complex, particularly when you’re working in a busy law firm surrounded by documents.

We understand the importance of having solutions that allow teams of people to work across multiple documents collaboratively, with ease and confidence. Having the ability to do this means that you can work more efficiently and be more productive as a team.

With HighQ Collaborate you can unify internal and external collaboration in one secure space that can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.

Secure file sharing – Quickly and securely transfer large and sensitive files and share documents with internal and external users. Sophisticated file sharing and document management features integrate seamlessly with the rest of the system to act as a central repository for each project. Upload files in seconds and share instantly while maintaining full access control and auditing.

Dashboard – The dashboard is the main entry point to all of your sites. Get an overview of recent activity across your projects, see a summary of your tasks assigned to you, upcoming events, favourite items, private messages and content waiting for approval.

Wikis – Improve team work and capture valuable knowledge by empowering your teams to work collaboratively in wikis. Create, share and discuss documentation, meeting notes, specifications and ideas directly in the browser with full versioning, advanced permissions, tags, attachments, links and rich-text editing.

Blogs – Cut down on email. Instead, let people publish blog posts to share news, project updates, insight and thought leadership with their teams and to consolidate discussions around hot topics and projects in the blog. Team members can easily comment on posts and engage in conversations and discussions.

Tasks – Perfect for project management, the tasks module helps you keep yourself organised and boost your team’s efficiency. Get a quick overview of the progress of projects, assign tasks to others, add due dates, statuses, priorities, links, comments and reminders.

Events – Increase transparency in team collaboration and simplify project management by giving everyone in the team visibility of upcoming project milestones, deadlines, meetings with sophisticated calendaring tools. Create your own event categories, comment on, tag and subscribe to events using iCalendar.

iSheets – Work collaboratively with dynamic, structured data in the cloud. Create online spreadsheets, databases and forms with customisable columns, fields and data types. Create sophisticated transactional and business optimising solutions, automate complex processes and solve business problems.

Document automation – Automatically assemble and generate Word documents based on iSheet data and pre-defined templates. Create new templates in-house and offer document automation to their own clients, with no external development required.