Push and pull marketing

You can deliver effortless email marketing and streamline your content delivery too, now that we have teamed up with HighQ.
We have not just added a product to our portfolio of solutions, we are working together to converge Tikit eMarketing and HighQ Publisher to achieve seamless integration between the two products.

Integrating our applications will provide our clients with a powerful marketing platform that gives them both effortless email marketing and integrated digital publishing tools to engage with their clients and the industry.

So whether it’s an important announcement, or keeping the conversation going and your pipeline full, we have a user friendly solution for you.

Effortless email marketing
Over the last 15 years, hundreds of law firms around the world have come to rely upon Tikit eMarketing for all their email marketing activity, enabling them to deepen and broaden client relationships. You can find out all about Tikit eMarketing here, but what is really exciting about this partnership is that when used with HighQ Publisher you can use both push and pull marketing techniques.

Content is king
Engagement is key to maintaining a healthy and successful firm. Forming deep and engaging relationships with clients and prospects can be the difference between success and failure. Engagement though is becoming harder and harder, as people become savvier and more demanding. This means that when it comes to the ‘marketing’, it’s crucial to understand and deliver what they want, when they want it.

Integrated digital publishing with HighQ Publisher

HighQ Publisher is a ground-breaking enterprise content management and digital experience platform that combines digital publishing and content marketing tools. It allows you to create microsites and display compelling content to internal and external audiences.

Publisher’s dashboard

The dashboard is the main entry point to your fully-branded content experience. Content of all types is aggregated here and is personalised based on the user’s preferences and areas of interest.

Customized and personalized

The intuitive interface and completely customizable layout allows you to create elegant mobile-optimized and personalized dashboards to present your content and information in a way that is easy to consume. The experience can be customized for different audiences by creating different layouts using the simple and easy to use panels.

The right content for the right people

Aggregating content into custom channels can increase audience engagement by targeting different groups and personas whilst engaging dashboards and custom channels presents users with personalized content based on personas, user preferences, organization or metadata.

Extend your reach and promote your content

Draw your audience in by creating topical, relevant, highly engaging content. Increase your impact by promoting your knowledge within the main dashboard, other modules or channel home pages and extend your content’s reach by using the integrated social sharing and SEO tools.

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