Connecting document management & sharing solutions

We are partners with both iManage & HighQ Collaborate so we know that a lot of firm’s use both platforms to file & share their documents.

Using these tools separately is good, but integrating them makes your firm even more efficient, so our clever developers came up with a connector to do just that.

What does the Tikit WorkSite and HighQ Collaborate connector do?

It enables you to upload and share documents stored in WorkSite to HighQ Collaborate, meaning you and your clients can benefit from the collaborative features of HighQ, whilst still maintaining a full audit trail within WorkSite.

Seamless integration with WorkSite means that there is no need to export documents from WorkSite to upload them to HighQ Collaborate.

  • WorkSite audit table is maintained.
  • 2-way synchronization – new documents uploaded to HighQ can be saved directly into WorkSite as new document.
  • Minimal user training as it is embedded into the familiar WorkSite interface.
  • Folder linking, for automatic synchronization of documents, folders and version from WorkSite to a Collaborate site.
  • Save uploaded documents and folders back from HighQ Collaborate into WorkSite
  • Documents uploaded in Collaborate have new icons to show a document not synched to WorkSite, in progress being synched and documents synched into WorkSite
  • Tikit WorkSite Connector is based on the HighQ Appliance.
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