Our extensive list of partnerships coupled with our 20 years experience in the legal sector, means that we are expert in delivering end-to-end solutions to help law firms be better connected, more efficient and to improve their bottom line. So whether you are a large or an international law firm looking for a solution to manage your full document lifecycle or to help develop you keep in touch and build your pipeline, we’ve got it covered.

We can also provide consultancy to make sure that you get the best solution to meet your requirements and support to ensure that the implementation, integration and user training goes smoothly.

All-in-one marketing platform

The Legal Publish Marketing Cloud is an innovative SaaS solution that provides and all-in-one marketing platform. Email Intelligence (powered by Tikit), will work alongside the other Legal Publish modules, enabling law firms to manage their websites, proposals, experience, social media, reputation and email campaigns from a central system. Content can…

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Des solutions pour les équipes bilingues au Canada

Nous possédons des équipes bilingues qui ont fourni à des cabinets partout au monde des solutions relatives aux TI en plus de 10 langues différentes. De plus, nous avons traduit certains de nos logiciels et sommes en mesure d'offrir une vaste expérience, un soutien et de la formation en français.…

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Cloud document management

Work securely, anytime, anywhere with Tikit and NetDocuments. As a business we have a deep understanding of the full legal document lifecycle and DMS solutions that goes back more than 20 years. 

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End to end document lifecycle management

With hundreds of thousands, even millions of documents and emails being created, received and shared annually by a law firm, making sure there’s a document lifecycle strategy in place is imperative.                                                                                                         

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Push and pull marketing

You can deliver effortless email marketing and streamline your content delivery too, now that we have teamed up with HighQ. We have not just added a product to our portfolio of solutions, we are working together to converge Tikit eMarketing and HighQ Publisher to achieve seamless integration between the two products.

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Connecting document management & sharing solutions

We are partners with both iManage & HighQ Collaborate so we know that a lot of firm’s use both platforms to file & share their documents. Using these tools separately is good, but integrating them makes your firm even more efficient, so our clever developers came up with a connector to do…

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Document sharing

Law firms create a lot of documents and teams across the world often need to work together. Documents also need to be shared with clients and other external parties. HighQ Collaborate allows you to compare and share large and sensitive documents quickly and safely, regardless of jurisdiction.  

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Do you have a specific requirement or need for your firm? Find the perfect product here.