Email campaign optimization

Optimize every email for the inbox and go way beyond opens and clicks with the most complete email performance data available for marketers with Litmus.

What’s more Litmus is completely integrated with Tikit eMarketing so you can seamlessly test your email campaigns before you send them (and if you contact us to add Litmus to your Tikit eMarketing contract before December 31, 2016 you will get 15% off your annual licence fee!).

Here are some ways marketers are using Litmus to improve campaign success.

Reach the inbox every time

Get you email scanned by every major spam filter before you send.

Increase open rates

Verify that you subject line, from name, reply-to address, and preview text are all optimized.

Improve your read rates

Break down your open rate to see if subscribers read, skimmed, glanced or deleted your email. Compare read rates by device and identify key areas for optimization.

Preview your landing pages

See how pages you’re linking to appear in popular web browsers on both desktop and mobile before you send.

Catch broken links

Confirm that all your links are working and going to their intended destination before pressing send.

Shareable reports

Easily create public analytics reports to share with other members of your team.


If you are currently using Tikit eMarketing Litmus can be easily added for you. Just email us to find out more.

If you are still not clear on the reason that your firm needs Litmus, then read Jeff Hemming’s blog:

When it comes to email marketing it’s only great design if it works!