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In an increasingly competitive business environment, with ever less-loyal clients, the firms that succeed will be those who have processes in place to ensure the strongest possible connection to their clients and prospective clients.

Piece-meal solutions exist, but to sustain the effort required to maintain and develop those connections across the entire client journey takes big investment in resource or a sophisticated, integrated and often expensive solution.

Tikit’s marketing & business development ecosystem supplies a comprehensive, connected environment within which the key tasks which support contact relationship nurturing take place – and it does so at a reasonable price point:

Manage your contacts

Tikit Connect is a lean, straightforward, contact management solution developed specifically for law firms. It sits within the familiar Outlook environment and typically helps small to mid-sized firms maintain up-to-date contact details with the minimum of fuss as well as accurately target campaigns.

Email marketing

Tikit Connect’s emarketing component allows the efficient production of branded communications. Transparent data exchange with core Tikit Connect data allows automatic recording of, and respect for, contact preferences. It allows interaction with marketing activity to be visible on the contact’s record so that all users can see how engaged they are. Better still, it supports end to end event management.

Email deliverability

OnDMARC ensures deliverability of email communications. It’s no good producing a beautifully crafted communication if your emails are simply swallowed by the recipient’s spam filter. OnDMARC assists firms to attain DMARC compliance for their email communications which allows receiving servers to have a high degree of confidence in the source of the email and reduces the chance of the mail being caught in a spam filter.

Maintain your data and deepen your relationships

Introhive takes the pain out of maintaining a clean and accurate set of contact data. It automates the process of getting complete contact data into the system, including information learned at meetings. It also automatically keeps existing data clean and up to date and makes clear the web of relationships, and their strength, that the firm holds with its contacts.

Creating the perfect pitch

PitchPerfect allows for fully branded, design quality tender documents to be created in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. It benefits from a centralised, curated database of ‘pitch assets’ such as bios, experience, case studies and references. Any user in the firm can then simply pull these in to documents and pitch for work with a high quality branded response.


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