Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Continuity of Tikit Support Service

With concerns rising over the current situation of Coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to assure you that Tikit has put in place elements of its business continuity plans to ensure against interruption of the support service we provide. We recognise that Tikit systems, and those of the partners we support, are critical to your firm’s business and as such it is vital that we are able to continue to provide support to you during this period.

Overall responses to a global virus pandemic could involve the restriction of non-essential travel, limitations on gathering of individuals in ‘public’ places and self-isolation at home. The continuation of Tikit’s business during such an event will require the continued availability of Tikit systems and the ability of staff to access such systems remotely while remaining in contact with both our clients and each other.

Our key communication systems, which include email, messaging and document management, are cloud based with appropriate disaster recovery and business continuity service levels. All of our key employees have laptops and mobile phones to allow them to work effectively from another location (including home) should the need arise and access to our offices is not recommended. Our employees capabilities, when working remotely, are identical to when they are working in the office.

During any critical situation, the safety of our employees is paramount and we have a range of responses in place to ensure that key services can be provided remotely. These include home working, working from a temporary location, limited office working and a staggered shift system.

Our core ability to communicate with our clients will also be unaffected. We will use email, notices on our Client Portal and website to keep our clients informed of any changes to our circumstances. Please note in the event of the Support team having to work from home we will engage a third party to handle incoming phone calls to ensure calls are answered and issues/updates passed onto the team.

-Miles Osborne, Director of Global Support