Working with technology partners and why it’s a must

Last Wednesday I was asked to speak at the LSN Supplier Forum in London about our partner strategy and how we select and work with partners at Tikit.  That got me thinking about the depth and complexity of our partner network.

There are many levels to how we work with these partners.  We always look for how we can integrate them with our own IP, and where possible bring partners together but there’s more to it than this.  Firstly and most obviously to many, there are the partners we work with directly and whose products we sell, implement and support to our own client base. Secondly, there are the partners fully integrated into our IP, especially with Tikit P4W – our practice and case management application.  Thirdly, there are our other broader, but critical, partnerships, like Microsoft, whose technology underpins our own applications.  Finally, there are a wider set of partners, businesses and groups we work with to make sure our products fit in the wider legal ecosystem – our clients expect their vendors to work together. Of course when you put it like this, it’s clear why partners and relationships are so central to what we do at Tikit

However our partner strategy is actually pretty simple.  We specialise in 4 key areas of law tech:

  1. Document management, production and lifecycle
  2. Practice and case management
  3. Time management
  4. Marketing and business development

Why these areas? Tikit has been in the law tech business for nearly 30 years.  But the Tikit you know today is a blend of 5 different companies, whose specialisms grew with their deep understanding of their markets and customers’ needs. For many years we’ve had the same strategic themes over these areas – growth and innovation, market leading service and support, and a real understanding of cloud technology. Fast forward to 2018 and you have the Tikit of the now – law tech specialists who help law firms make money, be efficient and be agile.

So it really is simple: Every partner is relevant.  Every partner brings technology innovation.  Every partner fits into 1 of our 4 areas of expertise, and they all help make sure we’re able to provide a solution and have a bigger conversation than we’d be able to if we simply resold products or just had our own IP.


Katherine Ainley

Katherine Ainley

MD of BT Better World & Tikit