Upwardly Mobile

Tikit have been featured in the June 2017 edition of LPM Magazine.

In the article, Richard Higgs, Sales Director and Adrian Jones, Product Director talk flexibility and how it helps firms’ seize a competitive edge.  Mobile working, once a thing of the past, now delivers huge benefits to law firms.  The key outcome is driving more productivity.  There are a number of solutions that aid mobile working such as Tikit’s cloud-based Carpe Diem time recording solution, NetDocuments cloud-based DMS, Tikit’s FormShare data capture tool or Workshare.

Having these solutions as part of the P4W practice and case management ecosystem creates a high level of flexibility.  Tikit’s solutions not only make firms more collaborative but enable significant cost savings and increased security.  But the key benefit of its products is firms’ ability to choose exactly which systems they want and integrate those into one platform that’s accessible from virtually anywhere, at any time.

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Case study Upwardly Mobile

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Upwardly Mobile