TR Forefrount: Passive time capture and the “Magic Pill” syndrome – The long-term costs of the quick fix, November 2016

In the early 1970s, the late comedian George Carlin observed how programed our society was becoming to finding a quick fix to nearly every ailment with a couple of pills. “Are you feeling low? Pop pop!” he would cluck into the microphone, “you need these. Have a headache? Pop pop! Then you need these.” Anyone looking at the shelves in a pharmacy can see just how much the weight loss industry has taken this idea to its heart! To be fair, if there was a genuine quick fix for the common problems or irritations of life, then we’d all be happy to use it. In most cases, of course, a quick fix turns out to be, at best, a partial fix, and at worst, a simple placebo. Sometimes, though, the quick fix, if looked at from a slightly different angle, can deliver significant benefit.

Tikit’s Richard Walters writes for Thomson Reuters Forefrount publication about passive time capture and the long term costs of the quick fix. Click here to read the full article.

Richard Walters

By Richard Walters, Senior Account Executive

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