TR ForeFront: How to clearly understand the surprising impact of mobile timekeeping, October 2016

Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped a large number of legal firms to implement mobile timekeeping solutions. (Yes, mobile timekeeping has been around that long!) And because I care about the success of their projects, after three or so months. I call firms back and ask how it’s working out. And you know what? People are polite. They don’t want to hurt your feelings. But all too often they say, “Well Peter, it works well. We don’t get complaints. But the thing is, only about a third of our lawyers are using the technology.” At this point, they’re hesitant. Reluctant to have me hear their hard, unobstructed truth. But here it comes. “Peter, we just don’t feel it’s been very successful, I’m afraid. But hey, thanks for getting in touch.”

Peter Zver, President Tikit North America, discusses the impacts of mobile time recording for Thomson Reuters ForeFront newsletter.

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By Peter Zver,  President Tikit Inc, North America

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