Carpe Diem now includes TimeFinder passive time capture as standard

Tikit’s time recording application, Carpe Diem, has just got bigger and better.  TimeFinder is now an inclusive part of the licence – so customers get even more when the choose the time recording product which has over 100,000 users and processes over $50bn in fees per year.

TimeFinder is a passive time capture module, allowing fee-earners to use their calendars and convert diary activities to bill entries retrospectively, working in concert with on-the-go and mobile time capture modules to support comprehensive billing.  Elsewhere, this retrospective capability is a paid-for addition to the core time application.

Screenshot of TimeFinderNow, Tikit clients can collect and bill more time entries, using technology from the same trusted supplier, with the same user interface and at no extra cost – giving them bottom-line impacting benefits.

Development Director Mark Garnish said: “We recognise that some firms want to provide multiple forms of time capture, and as the industry’s vendor of choice for time recording software we wanted to give our clients ultimate flexibility.  It’s another reason that over 90% of top law firms choose Tikit.  This move, coupled, with our capabilities in network, support and hosting as well as software, mean we’re in a great position to work with more and more law firms and help them execute their time recording .”

Want to know more about the Carpe Diem suite?  Take a tour in Prezi.

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