Tikit webinar recording: PwC, Tikit and Introhive on Building Better Relationships with your CRM

Cracking the user adoption challenge is the first step to harnessing the power of your CRM system. If the system is being used properly, what exactly can users expect to gain which will help them manage their relationships? That is, after all, what CRM systems are supposed to be all about. Is it possible to use data from CRM to tell your users whether they actually have as good a relationship with someone as they think? If not, can CRM help them to do something about it?

PwC, Tikit and Introhive, on this webinar, explored how to effectively use your CRM system to drive relationship development.

Simon Elven of Tikit Ltd shows how information held in the CRM system can be used as a continual improvement mechanism for the relationships that the firm holds and how these can become a weather vane for business development.

Antonella Hesabi of PwC talks about PwC’s own journey with CRM and relationship management and how increased levels of user adoption have helped drive both the quantity and the quality of relationships the firm holds.

Ben Roles from Introhive provides a preview of some exciting developments within the Introhive platform that will make it more effective than ever at cracking the user adoption challenge allowing the CRM to become the heart of business development within the firm.

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