Tikit webinar recording: The 10 Truths of Legal Timekeeping

In modern timekeeping, key forces demand law firm management’s attention. Price competition, commoditisation of legal work, alternate service providers, compliance and e-billing, P3 (pricing, project management, and process) initiatives and consumer-based technologies have all changed the game.

While these pressures may cause us to question and redefine timekeeping’s role, there are certain truths which we hold self-evident. In this webinar, we will discuss the 10 truths of legal timekeeping.

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Peter Zver is the President of Tikit North America and has been serving the legal market for over two decades. With a background in information systems and finance, Peter was the founder of Zver & Associates and PensEra Knowledge Technologies, both companies specializing in addressing the business of law via the delivery of technology products and services. His work has mainly focused on revenue and profitability solutions, specifically, timekeeping and the impact next-generation technologies have on improving profitability and client relationships for law firms. Peter is an active contributor to ILTA and other legal industry organizations.