Tikit FormShare & Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit Success Story

Tikit has integrated the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit into their PDF data capture tool, FormShare.

FormShare is used by legal professionals to automatically capture data back into one of the UK’s leading practice and case management systems, Tikit P4W.


A key element of P4W is document production. This can include generating emails, merging data into MS Office documents (ie. Word, Excel), and the creation of PDFs. However, the forms within these generated documents previously required the captured data to be manually re-keyed, which is highly ineffective in terms of cost, time, and validity.

FormShare was developed to combat this high level of inefficiency and streamline what would otherwise be manual and time consuming processes. FormShare removes the need for rekeying data into the system. Once forms are properly completed and returned using FormShare, the data is validated, and silently extracted back into the P4W database.

When engineering FormShare, there were specific targeted challenges to solve, including ability to correctly merge and extract data from PDF forms and the ability to incrementally save the document. Different enhancements were also wanted for adding in sticky notes and watermarks into documentation.


Tikit found that the integration of a complete PDF solution into a combination of Tikit’s current proprietary technologies was the best course of action for the engineering of FormShare. The PDF solution that best fit Tikit’s needs was the API offered in PDF Java Toolkit (PDFJT) from Datalogics. PDFJT has proven to be highly reliable and stable when it came to solving the challenges presented when building FormShare. Tikit also knew Datalogics would be a consistent and dedicated partner to
work with in terms of engineering, support, and technical knowledge.


The use of FormShare within P4W speeds up processes and decreases reliance on disconnected and time-consuming paper-based processes. This, in turn, gives rise to a more efficient and consistent customer experience within the electronic age. The new, streamlined processes for data capture of PDFs within FormShare were fully realized through the integration of PDF Java Toolkit.