The Diary of a Placement Student: July

In July the Support team undertook some interesting training and we’ve had a couple of new starters join us!

Donna from the Service Desk Institute came in to deliver ‘Team Building & Action Planning’ training this month which I thought was very fun. We took part in some funny tasks (making a bridge out of spaghetti?!) and learnt all about our personality types. This should help us all in working together and adapting the way we work to get the best out of each person’s personality.

Support has now had three new starters join the team. Oliver has joined our Accounts team and Josh and Tom have joined our Specialist team. Josh was a placement student in Tikit Support last year so it’s great to welcome him back. He graduated this month with a 2:1 in Computing – well done Josh! I hope everyone settles in well and I wish them the best of luck. Next month there will be several more starters as we welcome some new placement students.

I’m sad to say this is my last blog post. I will be finishing my placement in Tikit Support on the 4th August. I want to say a really big thank you to everyone in the company for making me feel so welcome and giving me so many opportunities whilst here. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time and hope to stay in touch with (some of) you!

Three important lessons I have learnt this month:

My personality type is a Nurturer which apparently makes me a people person – who would’ve thought!?

A desk move is always chaotic. We’ve recently installed 12 new desks and although the end result was great it was a long challenging day. See the picture below for the new look!

Double check everywhere before you send an email out to the whole office accusing someone of taking your lunch. The person (who shall remain nameless) finally found their sandwiches in their drawers later on that afternoon.

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Our lovely new desks! Doesn’t everyone just look ecstatic to be sitting there!