Confessions of a Placement Student: March

Last week I took part in Tear Fund’s Mean Bean Challenge. I spent 5 days eating only porridge (made with water), plain rice & plain beans while drinking only plain water. Overall a very bland week….but definitely worth it! I was thrilled to raise more than £300 to help the charity in their fight against poverty. The money I’ve raised will help give families the tools and knowledge they need to end their hunger for good. I’m proud to have supported such a great cause, although I won’t be rushing to eat rice and beans again soon!

This month Becky and Miles attended the Service Desk Institute (SDI) conference in Birmingham. The SDI promotes industry best practice & excellence in customer service. A wide range of topics were covered across the two day event including an awards ceremony on the first night. Some examples of the topics covered include: The growing impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), how to provide a celebrity service and a wellbeing workshop. Both Miles & Becky have come back inspired to keep improving the service we provide.

Becky, Miles & Lucy SDI Conference
Becky, Miles & Lucy at the SDI Conference
SDI Conference
SDI Conference          


With Year End fast approaching we have some top tips from our Accounts Support Manager Hayley to help you make sure Year End runs smoothly!

  1. Make sure your Accounts department are regularly carrying out the following: Data integrity checks (Matters/Nominal, Financial/Matters & Time Transactions/Matters) and Trial Balance Reports. We recommend doing these checks on a weekly basis.
  2. When performing Year End ensure all users who may post financial transactions are not logged into P4W.
  3. Ensure that you have the relevant privileges if you are going to be carrying out Year End: Maintenance -> Users -> Users -> Select User -> Privileges -> Core Privileges -> Other Tables -> Maintain Periods & Posting -> Nominal Ledger – >Debits & Credits Direct

As always, we will be here to provide guidance & assistance. Should you encounter any difficulties during this process you can email or call our helpdesk on 0800 689 3923.

Feature of the month: Snow worries for Support

Paul's Dog in the snow
Carpe Diem Analyst Paul’s dog in the snow earlier this month

Snow has been a hot topic recently. In a month where we should have been able to watch winter turn to spring, nature had other ideas. The “Beast from the East” hit most of the UK hard at the beginning of the month and amber warnings were put in place for much of the country, although I’m sure none of us need reminding of that.

On the south coast, where our Support office is based, we managed to avoid much of the early snowfall.  We started to wonder what all the fuss about the weather was for when we still had green grass and (relatively) blue skies. However, later on in the week we had our turn with the snow. Within a matter of hours a thick blanket of white coated Hampshire; schools were closed, roads were blocked and further weather warnings were issued.

Amongst all the chaos of the weather, Support still managed to offer our usual level of service without any disruption. To avoid joining those stranded on the roads we all successfully worked from home for two days. A decision was made early on the Thursday morning to ensure that we could provide a seamless service to our clients; whilst keeping in mind the safety and wellbeing of the team. We were able to call, connect remotely and email our users to resolve technical issues as if we were still in the office.

Luckily March’s second bout of snow was much lighter and caused little travel disruptions for the team. To read more about how we battled the snow at the start of the month read our article here.