Confessions of a Placement Student: February

January seemed to last a life time but now the days are finally starting to get longer which means we don’t have to leave work in the dark anymore! Spring is just around the corner…

Last month I completed Tikit’s 10K virtual run for Naomi House, and this month I received my limited edition P4W medal!  Whilst I may not wear it around my neck on a day to day basis, I know it will always remind me of Tikit.  It was great to support a local charity who are celebrating 21 years of caring for children and young people this year.

Bonnie & Hayley Medals
Bonnie & Hayley with their P4W medals

This month some of the team headed down to Portsmouth University for their annual Placement Fayre in search of the next crop of placement students. This year we are looking for an Applications analyst, an Accounts analyst as well as a replacement for my own role on the business admin side of things.   The day was a big success and we are now in difficult process of choosing the right candidates to join our team.

Placement fayre

Those of us new and less new to Support spent half a day this month learning all about the principles of ISO 9001 including why Tikit invests in achieving the certification each year.   The course taught us about how the processes we use every day help us to provide excellent customer service.  We also learnt about how we can contribute ideas to continually improve the way we work in Support.

Feature of the month: Partner for Windows 4.01-01 release

Partner for Windows (P4W) v4.01-01 has landed! It was released at the end of last week and it includes some important changes – most of them in relation to GDPR. We’ve been working on this latest release for quite a while now and we’re excited for you to start using the new functionality.  We are running a series of free GDPR training sessions.  You can sign up to attend here

The latest release of Partner has been enhanced in a number of ways to provide functionality to assist you with GDPR.  As a firm you’ll already be working on your own procedures for handling personal and sensitive data.  My colleagues in Product Management have created a brilliant guide that I suggest you download from the Client Portal.

One place where you will notice the most changes in this upgrade is in the Entity Properties window.  A lot of the fields have moved into two new tabs: Data Protection and Personal Client Data. The Data Protection tab holds information about data consent, where it is held and how long the data it is to be held for.  The Personal Client Data tab does exactly what it says on the tin – holding any sensitive data about a client. Both tabs are privilege based, so only those users who have the privilege can access this information.

Another interesting feature in the latest release is something I can imagine all of Support will need spell check for in the coming months – Pseudonyms! This feature can be accessed within the Personal Client Data tab and you can read all about it in section 5 of the GDPR guide.