Legal Week: Screen test – making legal apps as easy to use as Amazon, August 2015

Author: Legal Week | 03 Aug 2015 |

Ricardo Ortega, co-founder and head of design, Keep It Usable: There are many elements to user experience (UX) and many skills, practices and techniques that go into it. One of the techniques we use in order to improve the end user experience is to devise personas that characterise the target users.

We research our target users and get to know them – their likes and dislikes, the software that they use on a daily basis, some of the internet sites they use, their preferred devices and much more. You can then use these personas as the reference point when designing your software.

The websites are examples of sites that are designed around the end user and work on any kind of device using best practice. They have some good processes and techniques in place to build their website that includes a lot of research, prototyping and testing.

There is an iterative cycle that goes on until they’re really happy with the designs. Only at that point is the project handed over to the development team. But the team is what I’d call an ‘agile team’ – you’ve got the researcher, the designer, the software engineer and the project manager. That way everybody understands the project and…Read the full article here