Paper Cranes

Digitalisation continues to become more significant for law firms wishing to meet the wants and needs of their clients. Customers not only expect speed, ease and modern processes, but are increasingly aware of the impact they are having on the environment, and what a business is doing to address the growing issues.

One big way to future-proof your business is to start the journey to becoming paper-light. Ditching the paper file doesn’t just enable a more agile way of working, it also reduces costs and allows staff to be more productive by eliminating the need to print every document. Firms can also increase their workflow and automation through switching to digital methods, in turn reducing the number of delays and allowing for a better client experience.

Going paper-light is an opportunity for a firm to question its current procedures and processes. Are you doing a task because there is a legitimate business need for it or because it is the way it has always been done? Posting slips is a good example of something that is often very paper-heavy, but which can be dispensed with by using technology. A firm can use its practice and case management system to generate the request and send it for approval before it is processed by the accounts team, as most systems ensure an electronic audit trail has been recorded against the transaction.

The amount of post sent to clients is another example of wasted paper. Clients now want their updates quickly rather than waiting to receive a letter. The use of email, or services that automate communications such as The Link App or Perfect Portal, allows you to overcome this challenge. Previously, the need to capture a signature had been a significant barrier, but it is now possible to use software such as Adobe Sign to overcome this.

Technology is moving quickly and it’s up to you to make sure you keep up with it. Tikit is dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients are able to go paper-light at a pace that suits them. We demonstrated only last month, at our sell-out P4W regional user groups, how firms can use our software to make gradual changes to the way they work and decrease the amount of paper they use. Small changes will add up to significant results.

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