An open letter to North America’s legal marketing professionals

Push and pull


By Jeff Hemming, Product manager – Marketing solutions, Tikit North America

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An open letter to North America’s legal marketing professionals

Hi from Tikit, a world-leader in marketing solutions for AMlaw 100 law firms. I’m Jeff Hemming, Tikit’s Marketing Solutions Product Manager.

I’m writing because Tikit has just embarked on a new collaboration with HighQ, who, in our opinion, produce the best content marketing solution around. When combined with Tikit’s eMarketing software, it produces a marketing platform that’s really powerful.

This letter explains Tikit’s new relationship with HighQ, what that means in terms of giving you the tools to execute push/pull marketing, and – the really good news – why that will make your marketing efforts radically more effective.

What do we mean by push/pull marketing?

What does push marketing mean? Put simply, push marketing is how an organization promotes itself. It’s when an organization ‘pushes’ its product or service at the consumer or client.

Tikit eMarketing is a classic push technique because it pushes your message out into the world. It lets prospects and clients know you’re there and what you have to offer – it promotes your firm. It’s extraordinarily powerful because you can reach thousands of targeted candidates with timely information, offers and news, and all with relative ease and speed. Also we know that, despite all the noise, eMarketing still delivers the highest call to action rates of any channel[1]. It is key to driving initial engagement and then helping clients discover new areas within the firm.

The drawback of push, though, is that the client gets your message at your convenience, not theirs. So they may well not be at a point in the engagement cycle when they’re ready to make a decision; and repeated outreach runs the risk of turning them off. You want them to come to you, when they’re ready, in their own timeframe – that’s when pull comes in.

Pull marketing is how an organization leverages its brand. It’s when the organization has established itself, and its brand in due course ‘pulls’ customers in.  In recent years, we’ve been hearing a rising demand from our client’s Chief Marketing Officers that they need to find a more agile and cost effective way to deliver a brand experience to their law firm’s clients.  But, historically, that’s meant lots of expensive brand advertising that’s now proving too slow and costly for our digital age.

We know that BD & Marketing teams need to be able to easily post content and curate it so that the client can find the information that is relevant to them at their convenience.  A means to put across your firm’s professional views, provide authoritative commentary, and establish a distinctive identity.

We’ve been on the lookout for the pull ‘yin’ to our push ‘yang – something like a digital publishing and content marketing platform that offers a different route to building brand and delivering value.


So when HighQ, one of our strategic partners, came to us with a new approach to the ‘pull’ topic with their HighQ Publisher solution, we immediately recognised the potential value for our community.  We saw the ability to build online presence for your brand that establishes it in the client’s mind, so that when the client is ready, they come to you.  As such, it’s classic pull. Your marketing activity has pulled them in. Moreover this is particularly the case in the context of professional services because of the exceptionally strong opportunity you have to create compelling and customized content.

The drawback of pull is that without some push, you have to hope that the client stumbles upon your content, otherwise no one knows it’s there. Also it largely relies on the client already knowing what they want. It doesn’t bring new things to people’s attention the way that push does.

That’s what we mean by push and pull. The great thing about them is how they work together.

Why Tikit and HighQ became partners

Just think of it. Push is a great way to promote your firm at the start of the relationship as well as when you develop new content and services. Conversely, as the prospect gets to know you and the relationship matures, pull becomes the way to strengthen that connection. So you use push in the beginning and pull later on.

Likewise, push lends itself to promoting individual offers. Pull, on the other hand, is much more about solidifying an ongoing relationship. It follows that in terms of communications effect, push is essentially tactical. It’s about fulfilling short-term, specific goals: such as securing bookings for a conference, making one-off or time-limited offers, or cross-selling related services.

Meanwhile pull is essentially strategic. It’s about maintaining long-term feelings about your brand and strengthening brand loyalty. It’s also a really important way to differentiate your firm from others by putting across what you specialize in and what it is about you that’s distinctive. Pull acts to deepen an existing relationship and often serves as a platform to offer key clients unique information and service level experiences.

So push/pull marketing techniques are an obvious and natural fit for each other. Used in conjunction, moreover, the rich content posted in Publisher will garner more impact when eMarketing is used to flag up its presence. Meanwhile eMarketing converts more prospects when the brand strengthening potency of Publisher prepares the ground. As much as eMarketing and Publisher are powerful products individually; use them together and it’s like adding one plus one and getting three.

Tikit has been working with the HighQ team for the past several years and has built great connections. This working relationship also led us to recognize how complementary Tikit eMarketing and HighQ Publisher are when combined. When we fully understood the synchronicity between the push of Tikit eMarketing and the pull of HighQ Publisher, our new collaboration was ignited.

What we’re doing that’s so exciting

I thought it was worth writing this letter because this new technology partnership between Tikit and HighQ is going to be important to you.

This is because we’re not each just adding a product to the portfolio of solutions we provide. Tikit and HighQ are working together to converge the platforms and create a seamless join between the two so you can use them in conjunction.

Not that your convenience is what’s critical here. It’s about the coherent and persuasive experience that your clients will receive when your emarketing and content marketing strategies are aligned. It will deliver a unique digital experience to your clients. One that will empower you to develop better relationships that in turn will give you a competitive advantage.

Just let me add that Tikit and HighQ are legal sector specialists. We have deep relationships with many, many firms. We operate globally. We really understand your environment and how you work, and we’re convinced that Tikit eMarketing and HighQ Publisher together make a great deal of sense. The collaboration we’ve forged will bring a new dimension to what legal marketing teams can achieve.

So if you want to know more about the possibilities or discuss moving forward with the converged products, please get in touch. Or if you’re attending, please visit the Tikit stand at LMA on 11 – 13 April in Austin. My colleagues and I really look forward to meeting you then and discussing the exciting opportunities that these combined products will bring.

With best wishes,


Jeff Hemming

Jeff Hemming is the Product Manager Marketing Solutions at Tikit, a world-leader in eMarketing solutions for law firms. Jeff specializes in closed-loop communication solutions that help senior management, business development and marketing teams strengthen client relationships. He has spent the past fourteen years working with legal and technology clients including ten years implementing/advising on Tikit’s eMarketing solution for their North American clients.