The Times: New time capture systems speeds up lawyers daily ‘time trial’, February 2015

Mark Garnish speaks to the Times: Accurate and timely tracking of lawyers hours is crucial for a law firm to remain competitive.

Think back to the London Olympics and one of the stand-out performances was racing cyclist Bradley Wiggins’ time trial performance where his intense attention to time management made him a gold-medal winner. It was an example that every lawyer should follow because they are battling in a “time trial” every day of their working lives.

The effective recording, registration and notification of time spent on clients’ matters are at the heart of turning a great legal performance into a great business result. Time “lost” during that process can make all the difference in terms of profitability.

That is why the management philosophy of Sir Dave Brailsford, UK Cycling’s performance director – based on his theory of the aggregation of marginal gains – is just as relevant to lawyers as it is Olympic cyclists. His focus on “how small improvements… can have a huge impact on overall performance” relates directly to managing partners’ aim to improve the sharp end of the legal process – charging the clients for the work done on their behalf.

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By Mark Garnish, Tikit’s Development Director

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