Modern Law: Client engagement through personalisation of content, August 2016

Tikit’s Lloyd Ellison speaks to Modern Law about how client engagement can be increased through personlisation of content:

Businesses are often bombarded by marketing emails. Despite this, effective email marketing that delivers tailored and interesting content remains one ofd the best ways of engaging and retaining clients.

Traditional push marketing, when an organization ‘pushed’ it’s product or service at the client is no longer enough. The chances are that your marketing email will not reach them at the optimum moment and run the risk of being deleted. This is where ‘pull’ marketing comes in. Pull marketing can help to develop a high value proposition and stickiness for your law firm that in due course ‘pulls’ in customers.

Click here to read the full article in Modern Law, (page 25).


By Lloyd Ellison, Sales Director at Tikit

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