Meeting the consumer need for speed

A majority of the conveyancing process is business to business, with law firms interacting with each other and bodies such as the Land Registry. However, contract packs are an area where the end-user consumer supplies the information. And they want speed.

A house purchaser would usually receive 30 pages of paper forms by post. These would contain questions varying from requests for information about disputes with neighbours through to fixtures and fittings and leasehold forms. The documents can take a long time to complete and a considerable amount of time can be spent posting them to and from the purchaser and the conveyancer. This can easily amount to three weeks.

A fully integrated system provides these forms electronically. The purchaser receives forms the instant they are sent out and may complete them online – even on their mobile! It is easy to return them instantaneously, potentially reducing a three week process to a few days or even several hours.

Consumers are increasingly frustrated with the length of time it takes for conveyancing to complete and are turning to digital channels to speed up the process. The InfoTrack integration with P4W responds to this, using two-way, real-time integration to make the conveyancing process far more efficient, enabling law firms to delivering a better, more competitive service.

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