Maximizing contact engagement… without alienating your clients

When you’re a mid-sized firm, managing the multiple number of tasks on the horizon makes for huge work and requires lots of planning as well as lots of time and resource, so when it comes to communicating effectively with your most important contacts on the great things your firm is doing, it can sometimes be difficult to fit in.

It’s true that managing communications with your clients and prospects can of course be done with laborious Excel spreadsheets, or even a sophisticated (and often means complex) email tool, both of which can try the patience of a saint! Or, you can look to adopt a straightforward closed-loop communications methodology that will also get you from ‘A to B’, but with less effort. Yes, this can be your reality!

I am not referring to customer relationship management (CRM) solutions which are proven and effective but often tough for smaller firms (or understaffed marketing groups) to master.  CRM solutions are great but challenging. You will need to potentially use a deep bench of resources, have a clear understanding of system extensive functionality and need strategic perseverance to see them through. Also, user adoption can be challenging based on system complexity and what they technology requires from its users. Again, CRM solutions are proven and can work wonders, but it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario.

We even have come up with a name for this … Tikit Connect. What makes the closed-loop scenario so attractive? In a nutshell, it is very straightforward and easy to use — it sits in Outlook where your users live; also, training and ramp-up time are minimal.

Better yet, getting your marketing messages out isn’t a laborious task. Tikit Connect helps manage your key contact data and enables you to send frequent, regular, timely and high-impact communications.

In terms of ‘closing the communication loop’ … what does it really mean and why does it matter?!It’s how we build trusted communications and increase engagement with your most valuable contacts. Simply stated it empowers the law firm’s clients to define their interest levels in terms of content and level of engagement essentially leading to better relationships.

Lastly, the ability to analyse how effective your email communication has been, what you can improve, and how you can leverage what worked well next time, is all part of an easy to use and interpretive (yet sophisticated) analytics piece that provides a powerful, compliance-friendly solution in a simple package.

To learn more about closed loop communication solutions and Tikit Connect contact Jeff Hemming, here for more information.  

Jeff Hemming

By Jeff Hemming, Product Manager, Marketing Solutions at Tikit

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