Law Practice today: Marketing technology trends, November 2014

Jeff Hemming was selected to be on a panel of 6 thought leaders: With the topic of attorney/legal professional technology proficiency (and the lack thereof) now making it to the front of the challenges and headaches line, how are legal marketers approaching technology roll-outs and user adoption?

Uttering “legal marketing technology” and “trends” in the same breath is far from an oxymoron these days. Legal marketers are pushing the envelope like never before in their efforts to extend firm brands. They’re making the most out of the core technologies they already own (like CRM and marketing automation) and increasingly finding touch points between their marketing campaigns and clients’ satisfaction with outside counsel. November’s roundtable discussion unites an impressive cadre of legal marketers who have “been there, done that” – and are now moving beyond. They’ll share fresh insights related to digital marketing, big data and analytics, social media, extranet technologies, and the broader marketing tech trends expected to emerge in 2015.

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Jeff Hemming

By Jeff Hemming, Product Manager, Marketing Solutions at Tikit

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