Making your DMS migration (relatively) painless: Legal Management, July 2018

Jobst Elster, (InsideLegal’s Head of Content and Legal Market Strategy) spoke to some of the leading minds, when it comes to legal DMS implementations, migrations and upgrades.

The panel consisted of 21 experts, with a total of 2,848 law firm DMS projects under their belts, representing 16 of the leading DMS implementation, support, training, design, configuration and software solution providers. They were asked to complete a short survey focused on DMS deployment types, DMS implementation provider selection, tips for successfully navigating a DMS upgrade, and top reasons why DMS implementations (still) fail.

Click here to read Jobst’s findings and observations in his article published by Legal Management, the magazine of ALA.

You can also read Jobst’s corresponding article, “Legal influencers weigh in on legal document management” in which he goes under the hood with DMS. Specifically, he drills down on a recently completed DMS implementation survey and shares commentary from some of legal’s sharpest DMS minds (including Tikit’s own Jason Scott).