LSN: Bringing the changes, February 2016

Law firms are making strategic investments in technology to transform operations – creating opportunities for more flexible collaboration and efficiency gains. A pioneering office move from CMS is a prime example, says Katherine Ainley, CEO of Tikit, which supported the transition.

Moving office is an opportunity for a business to change much more than its address. By working with outside experts – architects and technologists – it may be possible to overhaul both the physical working environment and the efficiency of the people who work in it.

Law firms are taking note of a trend to transform how employees use office space. “It’s now often out with the fixed computers, phones and individual desks, and in with a much more fluid – sometimes even virtual – environment,” says Tikit CEO Katherine Ainley. “Businesses find they perform better when people are freed to work from more parts of their office in a truly seamless fashion.”

Mobile technology, tools for collaboration and unified communications (UC) facilitate this movement away from desks, including mobile applications for tasks such as document collaboration and time recording.

“There’s no reason that you can’t be online wherever you need to be working at any point in time,” says Ainley. “And with videoconferencing, presence and instant messaging, you’re also always easier to reach. In a meeting room or break-out area, on a laptop, mobile or tablet device, technology is helping people to work in ways that are both more personally satisfying and more productive for the business.”

“Meanwhile, applications such as Tikit’s Carpe Diem Next Generation timekeeping, for example, allow fee earners to work much more efficiently across devices.” Interaction with the platforms needs to be harmonised into a consistently intuitive user experience. But it also falls to Tikit, she explains, to ensure that the correct level of infrastructural investment can support the new activity (and mobility). “The local area network often needs an upgrade to enable the right level of Wi-Fi, and data centre options must be aligned with business strategy – onsite, in the cloud or cloud-ready.”

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By, Katherine Ainley, Chief Executive Officer, Tikit.

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