Legal Practice Intelligence: Technology is power and making it better is a big deal

Andrea Foot talks to Legal Practice Intelligence about how firms can ‘Power up’ their practice and case management systems.

For the last decade or so, all in one practice management systems (PMS) have been the most practical technology choice for mid-tier law firms.  But let’s face it, there is no ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to practice management systems. Different types of work require different types of solutions.  Plus, with the invention of cloud and SaaS, to name but a few new trends, mid-tier firms now have access to the same best-of-breed solutions as the big legal players. What does this mean? Well it’s simple really. You can now take your already functionally rich practice and case management system and layer on top other integrated technologies, delivered in the way you want, to achieve business continuity and ultimately power-up your PMS!

When I think about a PMS, I think of them as the Swiss army knives of technology. Typically they do legal accounting, timesheets, a bit of CRM, some knowledge management, maybe some workflow and document assembly. Basically your everyday business needs are catered for. However what happens when you want to build your competitive advantage, your reputation and take your business forward in new and interesting ways? You will find as you start to ponder this question, that there will be things you want to achieve that your PMS can’t address.  Why? Put simply it wasn’t built that way.  Fast forward to today and you have so many options at your fingertips.  Cloud technology for example offers a lot more options. So don’t abandon your PMS, add to it, make it better and use modern technology to do this. And cloud for me sits at number one.

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