Legal influencers weigh in on legal document management; InsideLegal, July 2018

The hype and buzz surrounding artificial intelligence, lawyer robots, machine learning and predictive analytics in Legal is often times unbearable. Especially, when compared to the legal reality that this type of early adopter, nouveau tech is still in its infancy. Contrast this to document management systems (DMS), one of the most traditional, standard, yet mission critical applications within any law firm.

In this edition of “Legal Influencers Weigh In” Jobst Elster (InsideLegal’s Head of Content and Legal Market Strategy), goes under the hood with DMS. Specifically, he drills down on a recently completed DMS implementation survey and shares commentary from some of legal’s sharpest DMS minds (including Tikit’s own Jason Scott).

Also, if you want to read the corresponding article, “Making Your DMS Migration (Relatively) Painless“, in the July/August issue of Legal Management you will be able to connect the dots when it comes to DMS success and failure.