ILTA Office 365 white paper: Getting ready – the lowdown on Office 365 compatibility

Tikit’s Mark Garnish talks to ILTA for their Office 365 white paper:

As more firms think about enabling their attorneys to work on any device at any time, more and more CIOs could make the mistake
of assuming that Office 365 will instantly give them everything they need. First you need to understand the limitations of Office 365
before you charge headlong into the cloud.

Let’s not begin by making flawed assumptions. Not all legal firms are thinking about mobile working yet. There may well be many who simply want Office 365 because it provides other advantages. Instead of buying a product in the conventional way, with Office 365, you are just renting it. There’s no more need to live with older versions of Word, Outlook, Excel or PowerPoint until you get around to replacing them. There’s no more need to budget for a big spend every time the firm updates its Microsoft software. With Office 365, you’re subscribing to a service that automatically offers updates to the latest version (although you need not deploy them). And as with any other subscription model, you’re paying a regular fee with no more one-off payments.

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