ForeFront – Time for a timekeeping audit, January 2014

Peter Zver talks to ForeFrount about the buzz around the Suffolk/Flaherty Legal Tech Audit which focusses on lawyer technology proficiencies.

With all of the buzz around the Suffolk/Flaherty Legal Tech Audit focusing on lawyer technology proficiencies, its time firms recognize that proficiency, efficiency, and value (or lack thereof) are communicated to clients via every time entry-based invoice. As such, legal professionals’ ability to enter time accurately and, more importantly, in a timely fashion for anytime client consumption should be where the law firm bar is set in defining best practices around timekeeping. Maintaining this level of timekeeping performance may be a leap for firms as evidenced by a recent statement made by Flaherty describing his days in private practice where he stated “…the office got real quiet on the day time needed to be closed. …lawyers were working feverishly to allocate their hours among their days, matters, and clients.”

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By Peter Zver,  President Tikit Inc, North America

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