Great turn out at the eMarketing User Group

59 eMarketing users enjoyed 34th floor BT Tower views and insider information on the new features of eMarketing v5. Attendees from firms as varied as Linklaters and Bain and Co heard a guest keynote from Peter Larsen, Bech Bruun. Peter talked about their use of dynamic content to get the most out of eMarketing. Delegates saw Tikit’s Helen Pratley demonstrate the new features of v5, explaining how the new SQL 2012 database structure allows for advanced reporting and digging into that functionality – what the “Top Receivers” views look like, how far the detail around browser usage and access method goes, and how administrators can zoom out and see all emails and broadcasts sent by week, month or even year to establish trends. Want to find out how the new features could help you get the best out of eMarketing, or want a demo of the system? Fill in our contact form on the left of the page. And, if you want to explore the views from the tower but couldn’t join us at the event, take a look here.