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This month’s LPM magazine features Adrian Jones, Product Director at Tikit and his thoughts on approaching GDPR as a collaboration project with peers. 

“In February of last year just 68% of law firms confirmed they would be ready for GDPR in 2018.  Jump forward to now, and those firms that were burying their head in the sand, have now sprung into action. But how do we work together to drive compliance?

As we edge closer and closer to May 2018 we’ve been hearing the horror stories; the massive fines, the intensive data processing activities that will soon be required, data breach procedures – the list goes on.  But few stories have covered the positives; the chance to collaborate with your fellow software users and suppliers and drive innovation.

Yes, your technology provider should have equipped their systems with the right functionality to help you manage the new legislation, but it’s not their responsibility to make you compliant.  Take advice from your supplier but also communicate and network with other firms to work out what will work best for you.  Compliance is unique and should be approached as such, but communicating with others offers you a head start on getting it right.

Ask your software supplier if they run a user group – this is the best way to meet and collaborate with them and other users of the same software.  When users are not supported by a thriving user community, it is easy to not be on top of software updates and changes – these changes could be an essential step in your firm’s compliance this year and beyond. 

It’s also very easy to become disheartened and even disillusioned with your technology when you don’t know the direction it’s headed in.  You want to be using applications that you know are being developed, going places and that will ultimately support your firm’s ambitions well into the future.  Let’s not forget that purchasing any sort of new technology for your firm is no light investment! 

If you’re looking to on-board new technology in the next few months or years, my advice would be don’t just base your decision on functionality.  Base it on the full experience. Make sure you can be involved and engaged in an active user group.

It’s not just about meeting users of the same software and getting tips from your supplier that makes a good user group well worth attending.  It goes way beyond that.  Being part of a user group offers the chance to influence the direction of the product and drive innovation. 

We know that GDPR is coming.  We know when.  But what we don’t know, is what will happen in the months and years that follow May 25th 2018.  You need technology that is robust and will keep you compliant as the legislation adapts and changes in the future.

Collaborating with your peers on GDPR and other technology projects will ensure you share knowledge and grow with the firms who are technology trailblazers in the marketplace.”

To find out how Tikit P4W has been developed to comply with the new GDPR legislation, please click here

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Adrian Jones

Adrian Jones

Product Director at Tikit