Legal IT Professinals: Looking at new legal apps? The latest software ugrade? Think twice about UI and UX, February 2015

Jeffrey Brandt who joined Tikit on their panel at LegalTech New York talks about their discussion with Legal IT Professionals.

“Thanks to an invite from the Tikit folks, I was asked to moderate a panel presentation entitled, “Engaging Human-Computer Interaction & Ergonomics Experts to Boost User Experience and Profitability“. More or less, it’s a fancy way of saying what are the best ways to design an app and to develop the user interface (UI) for the ultimate user experience (UX) and productivity? Mark Garnish (MG), Tikit’s Development Director, Peter Zver (PZ), Tikit North America’s President, and Justin Hectus (JH), CIO at Keesal, Young & Logan made up the panel”.

“From our initial planning chats, I knew it would be a good one! Several of the topics and themes discussed during the 45 minute session warrant repeating so we decided to share via a panel Q&A format to give you a near-session experience”.

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