eMarketing v5 in development, with fresh interface and new reporting engine

After crowdsourcing some new feature developments from the global eMarketing user community, version 5 arrives in early August.  It’s the most comprehensive update in five years.  With a completely rewritten reporting engine, it’s now easier to achieve finer understanding of your campaigns – whether that’s drilling all the way down to individual user statistics, or taking a “long view” that highlights campaign history in historic timeframes, exposes annual trends and supports serious cross-campaign analysis.

screenshot of emarketing reporting screen

With this update, you can see exactly which mail clients, browsers and mobile devices were used to access your mailings and in what proportions.  This information has been being quietly collected in previous versions of eMarketing, but now joins the database that you’ll use for reporting to help with design and optimisation for your audience.

For usability, the eMerge and ReAction Server interfaces have been redesigned.  eMerge now has a ribbon-led look and feel consistent with the Office 2010 design. The ribbon demonstrates a logical series of steps for creating an email campaign and brings to the foreground useful options that were buried within the existing menu system. It makes eMerge simpler for a first-time user, and will give experienced users a sequential way of looking at the building of a campaign.  New social tags in eMerge allow quick sharing of content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+.

Screenshot of new eMerge

ReAction Server also gets a makeover, with greater context-sensitive help and popups to guide new users around this powerful tool.  We’ve removed the wizard-like behaviour in favour of a simpler, tab-based, layout which allows seamless movement between tabs.  New editor functionality means there’s no need to cut and paste ‘raw’ HTML in order to, for instance, create a branded confirmation email following event acceptance.  And, you can now have multiple ReAction Server forms open simultaneously for editing should you want to, for example, cut and paste information between them.  Previewing, both within the product and with Litmus, has been made simpler and we have included the ability to email log files along with a support query in the same way that you can from eMerge.

There’s a lot that’s new, and we’d love to take you through a demonstration of what eMarketing can now do to supercharge your business development efforts.  Talk to us to arrange a demo.