Electronic Evolution

It’s no surprise that the conveyancing process is becoming increasingly digitalised. The changing dynamic of homebuyers has resulted in a higher demand for more modern processes. So where can we expect conveyancing to go in the future? And what does it take to be a successful conveyancer in the new digital era?

There’s already a lot of readily available technology that improves the speed and transparency of conveyancing. They allow for traditionally laborious operations to be automated, electronically delivering documents or information via emails, online portals and apps. Clients can review updates and data relating to their case easily, whilst staying informed every step of the way. For technology like this to be effective, it requires all parties to adopt it; not just solicitors. Clients, landlords and councils must also be online – and digital adoption in conveyancing seems patchy at present.

Most organisations and individuals seem to be improving however, with experts forecasting that by 2030 the entire conveyancing process, including purchasing a home and all necessary documentation, will be digitalised. It’s important for all of us to keep up with this predicted trend, listening to the wants and needs of the new demographic of homebuyers. We know these people want effective, fast communication because they are so accustomed to receiving answers on demand. We know they don’t want this communication through lengthy letters or emails anymore.

Case management tools, automated client update services, mobile applications and search ordering platforms can help to meet these expectations. Electronic signatures (now confirmed valid by the Law Commission) have also provided a means of obtaining documents from clients in an extremely efficient manner, potentially saving weeks of time not having to wait for postage, signing and scanning. This then give conveyancers more time to focus on the service and advice they provide.

As always, the future success of firms hinges on their ability to adopt these new ways of working. Speaking from my own experience of being a younger person and buying a house, the technology used by conveyancers really is a decider on whether we use your firm or not.

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