E-marketing whitepaper: Boosting client engagement through personalisation of content – A guide for law firms and legal practitioners

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Law firms need to start looking for smarter ways to engage with their clients. These days, people are bombarded by marketing emails. Despite this, effective email marketing that delivers tailored and interesting content remains one of the best ways of engaging and retaining clients. A recent report shows 70% of consumers expect email to be in use 10 years from now and 72.1% of 25-34 years olds are bullish about it¹.

Email marketing is more important than ever, according to marketing guru Brian Solis, who points out that even in a world dominated by social media, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications via email. “The answer isn’t to send more emails. The answer is to know who you are talking to, what’s important to them and how you could capture their attention and do something with it,” says Solis.

Traditional push marketing, when an organization ‘pushes’ its product or service at the client, is no longer enough. The downside of push is that the client gets your message at your convenience, not theirs. The chances are that your marketing email will not reach them at the optimum moment and may even run the risk of turning them off. This is where pull marketing comes in. Pull marketing can help develop a high value proposition and stickiness for your law firm that in due course ‘pulls’ in customers. The following whitepaper sets out how push and pull marketing work together to boost client engagement and retention.





Case study Boosting client engagement through personalization of content

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Boosting client engagement through personalization of content