The document scanning solution could be the next step in European firms’ ‘paperless’ revolution, the companies said…

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It’s an increasingly common refrain—many legal tech companies may be U.S.-based, but the market itself is increasingly global. One of the latest to expand internationally is scanning and document solutions company DocSolid, which has partnered with legal technology services company Tikit to provide its KwikTag Legal scan capture solution in Europe.

Through the partnership, which will be formally announced on May 18, Tikit will offering the technology to its European partners, which include 90 of the UK’s largest 100 firms. The two companies will also be hosting a series of webinars throughout the summer on the platform’s uses.

Simon Hill, COO at Tikit, told Legaltech News that while scanning solutions have been in the market for some time, they often focused on “specific partner or departmental-led requirements in the heat of the moment.” DocSolid, however, presented a new direction.

“We discovered that U.S. firms had found what appeared to be a genuine and exciting enterprise paper-to-digital solution with full integration into their DM system in DocSolid’s KwikTag Legal,” Hill said. “We were also exposed to the very enthusiastic reception that DocSolid received at ILTA last August in Las Vegas; it really made us stand up and take notice. Already, we’re hugely encouraged by the number of EMEA firms who already reached out with a view to finding out more about this exciting new solution.”

Similarly, Steve Irons, president of DocSolid, said that Tikit was a “tailor-made partner” for the company because of its experience in foreign markets and its expertise in rolling out new technology systems.

“Partnering with Tikit lets DocSolid accelerate into international markets, while paying attention to quality,” Irons added. “Knowledge of the unique working characteristics of law firms in these geographies is crucial, because we sell a paper-to-digital transformation of the firm, and that’s a cultural experience. It would take DocSolid too long to replicate this. Our pace of growth in the U.S. is happily consuming us.”

According to a DocSolid study, 57 percent of the paper in law firm files is duplicate prints from the DMS, and the firm’s paper footprint grows by another 39 percent from duplicate prints scattered around the firm. Hill noted this waste as a primary reason to put forth DocSolid’s expertise, adding, “Fundamentally, these same issues exist on both sides of the Atlantic.”


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