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Mobility and collaboration are key tools for any successful business. It’s important for businesses to protect their sensitive information inside the office, but it’s equally important to protect business data outside the office- especially when employees are traveling or working on-the-go.

It’s often difficult to protect business users’ technology when connecting to various Wi-Fi networks up and down the country; that’s why Microsoft’s Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) work together to protect mobile devices from any location.

Mobility Strategy

HP’s mobility strategy aims to increase productivity in the workplace by making it a more sociable environment, without jeopardising employees’ productivity. When businesses implement mobility devices, such as the HP Elite x2 1012, into their IT strategy, it encourages team members to work and collaborate whilst on the move from different locations.

HP is building its mobility products around the rise of the term Internet of Things (IoT); an approach that allows business users to share and receive data across the same network. IoT is important for when employees are looking to collaborate on business projects.

It’s understandable that every business is keen to increase productivity in the workplace, whilst making sure their business data is well-protected; HP’s mobility devices, and Microsoft’s Office 365 and EMS, are designed so that business users can successfully achieve both.

Secure Enterprise-Grade Cloud-Based Platform

Office 365 is compliant with world-class industry standards, including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA. It has built-in capabilities such as permissions, versioning control, eDiscovery, and records management to ensure documents are managed, controlled, archived and can be retrieved in one place with reduced overhead.

Add another layer of security with EMS, which is designed to protect four key areas: identity, devices (mobile and PCs), apps, and data. With EMS, businesses can expect to save up to 50% of the cost it would take to buy standalone solutions from somewhere else. EMS allows business users to work remotely with the peace of mind that company data is kept secure.

To increase security on projects, EMS works with Office 365 to make mobile working easier for everybody- business users will still be able to protect shared company information, remotely wipe devices, and have just one single sign-on for Office. EMS also keeps corporate and personal apps separate.

The enterprise grade security of EMS ensures that only the right people have access to important files and data. HP’s mobility strategy and Microsoft’s EMS software solution can work together to help identify persistent threats before they cause damage to any organisation, whilst protecting mobile devices from any location.

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Discover how technology can protect the future of your firm

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