The Diary of a Placement Student: June

In June my manager, Becky Patterson, left me to fend for myself for over two weeks whilst she was living a life of luxury on a cruise ship – very rude if you ask me. There’s been a lot of people in Support going on holiday and it’s making me very jealous!

I spent a short time with Kate Higgs, the Mid-Market Management Accountant, this month to learn about the company’s monthly KPI analysis she completes. I have been learning how to produce Support’s monthly stats which feeds into this. It was very interesting to see how our results fit into the overall company performance. Thanks to Kate for showing me!

Hayley Biddlecombe, the Accounts and Carpe Diem Support Manager, will be participating in a 4 day 75 km trek in November in aid of the charity CoppaFeel. She will be on one of two teams which are headed up by Olympian Greg Rutherford and blogger Giovanna Fletcher! It sounds so exciting and you can read the full article I wrote about it here.

Due to some recent promotions and Support expanding the department has been on a recruitment drive this month. There were four new roles across the team which have now been filled and everyone is due to start next month. Check out my blog next month for an introduction to all our new team members!

Three important lessons I have learnt this month:

Always ensure you have a jumper at work. Even though it has been the hottest month in years the office has felt absolutely freezing due to the air conditioning!

When free food is offered people will go above and beyond. Becky left myself and her Applications team individual objectives to achieve whilst she was away promising a free meal if we completed them. Everyone worked really hard succeeding in their tasks and when she returned we were all taken out for lunch at the Harvester.

Make sure you get first dibs on a good seat when the office is moving around! Due to all the new starters the office is getting new desks and everyone is moving… Again! I’m sure they’ll be a lot of confused people for a couple of days until we get used to our new seats.

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