The Diary of a Placement Student: February

February was an exciting month for me. I spent some time up in London in the Tikit office at BT’s Central HQ and went to Thailand for two weeks!

At the start of the month I went on secondment to BT Centre to work with the Marketing team. Marketing is something I’m really interested in so I was so lucky to be able to gain some work based experience in it. I was involved in developing an upcoming campaign and although I can’t give away any spoilers, it should reach your inboxes soon. I really enjoyed my time up there and learnt so much. Thank you to all the team who made me feel welcome.

We have scheduled some training, with the Service Desk Institute again, for the Support team to undertake in July. It focuses on teambuilding and action planning. The fun and practical one day workshop will help build positive relationships within the team. It should be a good day!

Tikit Support attended the Portsmouth University Placement Fair in February. They are looking to fill three positions again this year, two Support Analysts and my role in Business Admin. I’m unsure if they can find someone good enough to replace me though… I helped organise Tikit’s appearance at the event which included liaising with the university staff and creating marketing collateral for the students. The day was a great success but unfortunately I couldn’t attend with the team as I was on holiday.

Speaking of holidays, if anyone is looking for their next holiday destination I could not recommend Thailand enough. The weather is lovely, the beaches are amazing and the food is incredible. I’m definitely disappointed to be home!

Three important lessons learnt this month:

If visiting BT HQ you definitely need a map! I got lost a number of times going to the toilet.

Do not expect your chair to remain in the same comfortable position you left it in before going on leave.

People get very bitter when you come back from holiday with a good tan. Not sure why… maybe it’s due to two weeks of rain, cloud and storm Doris? 🙂

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