The Diary of a Placement Student: December

It’s been a very festive month here in Fareham. Decorations have gone up. The staff Christmas party took place last week. We raised money for charity and donated nearly £100 worth of food to the local Tesco food bank.

It’s nearly Christmas!

The office is looking very Christmas-y and I’m certainly looking forward to a week off next week.

The Tikit Fareham Christmas party took place last week at the Ageas Bowl in Hampshire. There was some good food, plenty of wine and some interesting dance moves! The venue also had bumper cars which we all had so much fun on and I managed to come away with a couple of bruises. The next morning there was a couple of ‘tired’ faces round the office…

But we all got to wear our Christmas jumpers which made the day slightly easier. It was for a good cause too as we managed to raise some money for Save the Children.

The office spent most of December bringing in cans, biscuits, pasta and loads of other different items to donate to a Portsmouth food-bank. We brought in just under £100 worth of food which will hopefully help some less fortunate people over Christmas.

Important lessons learnt this month:

If you’re the COO (Simon Hill) it seems everyone will take the opportunity to bump into you on the dodgems… Repeatedly. Check out the video below to see this.

You will never be short of sweet treats here in December. There are so many birthdays at Tikit Fareham this month that there’s a cake rota in place.

People will try almost anything to find out who you’ve picked for your Secret Santa. There’s been double bluffing, mind games and espionage – we haven’t even given out the presents yet!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2017!

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