The Diary of a Placement Student: April

April consisted of a lovely long weekend, a Support meal out, a move around of the team and a trip up to the Tikit Head Office. Busy!

The Tikit Kick-Off Event (our yearly company briefing) was held at the BT Centre in London this month and most of the team traveled up to attend the evening presentations. It was a great chance to meet colleagues from around the business and see what future plans there are for the company. Although I can’t give away any specifics, there are a lot of exciting things to come in the year ahead!

The Support team underwent an operational restructure in April which split the Applications team into two separate teams. The P4W Applications team will handle all P4W related queries and are managed by Becky Patterson. The Specialist Applications Support team handle SQL, eMarketing and TMS issues and they are led by Reuben Manning. The change allows us to provide the necessary focus when processing issues whilst maintaining our high levels of service.

Three important lessons learnt this month:

Try to remember where you sit in the office. A lot of people have moved seats due to the new structure of the team and I still go to sit at my old desk when coming in to the office!

When free food is offered spoil yourself… The team were treated to a meal out at TGI Fridays and most people seemed to go for the steak dishes!

Be tactical when booking holidays. There has been a couple of clever people booking their holidays around bank holidays so they get an extra day off.

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