The Diary of a Placement Student: May

This month I had a lovely long weekend away in Norway, the Regional User Group took place, we had an interesting talk from Simon Hill and there’s been a new starter in Tikit Support.

The Regional User Group was held earlier this month in Leeds and was a sell-out event. It was a great opportunity for our clients to network with fellow P4W users and speak with our experienced specialists from all over the business. The next one is on the 6th June at the BT Tower in London and is also sold out!

A couple of weeks ago the Support team were invited to attend a Q&A session held by Simon Hill, the Chief Operating Officer of Tikit. He spoke about his background, how Tikit started as a company and the journey to where we are now. We found it very interesting and heard some funny stories about the early days of Tikit.

We’ve had a new starter in Support this month. Paul Terry joined us on the 8th May and will be providing support for Carpe Diem. He is replacing Craig Banham who is moving into the Quality Assurance team. Alex Williams, a Senior Accounts Analyst, is also leaving Support to start a new role as P4W Product Manager. I’ve enjoyed working with them both and wish them every success in their new roles. It’s nice to see there are many opportunities in Tikit. In Support we’re proud that our people can develop and progress within the company.

Three important lessons I have learnt this month:

When it’s a senior manager’s birthday the cakes tend to be of better quality! Miles Osborne, Head of Global IP Support, had a milestone birthday this month that involved ‘several’ candles…

Time flies when you’re having fun… I will be leaving Tikit in two months which means you will all no longer be graced with my gripping blog posts.

Some people get very competitive once they wear a Fitbit. A couple of my colleagues have recently purchased the device and there’s been several taunts when someone is lagging behind on the step count.

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